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Height:  5'10.5"
Weight:  205 lbs.
Hometown:  Montreal, Canada
Years Pro: 5
Finishing Move: J-Breaker
Trademark: Crescent kick
Titles Held: 2x NAWF Tag Team Champion w/ Jack Holiday, NAWF Television Champion, NWA New England Tag Team Champion w/ Jack Holiday, CCW Northeast Chamion, WXW Cruiserweight Champion, NECW Tag Team Champion w/ Jonny Idol
Promotions Worked For: NAWF, CCW, WXW,USA PRO, IWS, ECWA, PWF NORTHEAST, NECW, NWA NEW ENGLAND, UCW, JCW, WICW, CCW (Classic Championship Wrestling) and many, many more...( Too Blonde to Remember!)

In early 2000, I began my training as a professional wrestler with two head trainers and 6 students. My training was extremely tough because I trained 4 days a week while maintaining school and a job.
Blah, blah, blah...I finished my training and graduated October 1st, 2001. To make a long story short, I won my first major title with Jack Holiday as we became the first NAWF Tag Team Champions. With great poise we were able to also gain the NWA New England Tag Team Championships at the young age of 17.

As a young tag team, we were bound to lose the titles and go our seperate ways. This was the beginning of my singles career.
Shortly after parting ways with Jack Holiday, I had a series of grueling matches with various opponents and through a wild tournament I became the first NAWF Television Champion.
Since then I worked my way up the ladder in many other promotions including WXW where I defeated Supreme Lee Great for the Cruiserweight Title. This title is reserved for only the greatest WXW competitors such as SLG, Low Ki, Afa Jr. and Tommy Suede. This ultimatley led one of the most grueling TLC matches in WXW history. With the help of Afa's knowledge I successfully defeated SLG.

After proving that I was worthy of such talent, I became the only CT wrestler to work USA PRO (New York), and just recently IWS (Montreal). One of my greatest accomplishments to date has been working for ECWA (Deleware) for the last 2 years where I excelled as a singles wrestler.
Now...with the brilliant minds of JIm Kettner and Sebastian Night, we recruited yound and talented CT worker Dave Cole to form "The Canadian Superstars" where we are now chasing the ECWA Tag Team Titles.
My ultimatle goal at every show is to give 100% to my fans and excel in all my future endeavors. So come check out my scheduled appearances and upcoming events. I promise by the end of the night you will know why they call me the "Canadian Superstar"!!!